The perfect property is not on the market, so you are thinking about building your dream house.  Here's how the Young Platinum Group can help you achieve your goals.



"I really have a blank slate?  Whoa."

Everything about building a house centers around your goals.  How much do you want to invest?  When do you need your property finished by?  Are you looking for a French Chateau where you can entertain hundreds, or a serene family resort in a sleek modern style, or a cozy Craftsman with a lush private garden?  

There are as many right answers as there are people, and the Young Platinum Group will help you think through the options and give you a realistic understanding of the tradeoffs and what you can expect for your investment.



"I'm going to let my inner architect loose!"

You will get the results you want by working with the best architects, interior designers, and landscape designers.  The The Young Platinum Group can assemble the team for you.  We will present you options, with you as involved as you care to be. The design process starts around your goals, and iterates into increasingly details blueprints.  

Have you always wanted AV, security, surveillance, lighting, and window treatments all woven into a seamless whole controllable from across the globe from a phone?  

Imagine your family relaxing beside your pool, or on your own sports court, or around a table viewing by nature… yet with all the comforts of inside.

Imagine the pride of walking into a grand entry foyer, and touring your friends around the tasteful stonework, refined cabinetry, soaring ceilings, and stunning views that you designed.

This stage is where you decide how your property will give you all these experiences, and what the perfect ratio is for you.



"I've heard there are some regulations..."

One reason the most desirable neighborhoods are so lovely is that the municipal governments have a very strict set of requirements, to ensure that things stay that way.  From light planes to appearance of mass to your neighbors, from green energy requirements to window placements, from utilities to inspections, the approvals process is not easy.

The The Young Platinum Group will guide you away from the things that will needlessly delay your project, and know how to get things done so that you sail through the various checkpoints and building code requirements.  



You want people on the ground actively keeping tabs on what is happening on your construction site, and taking care of problems that are too small for you to bother with.

You probably have something already on your property that must be removed. This will happen in an ecologically friendly way (deconstruction) that minimizes impact to your neighbors and gets you the maximum benefit for tax and green-point rating.

A large, seismically secure concrete and rebar foundation is poured.  Doing this in the right way will make the City smile.  Doing it on the cheap can seem like an easy win, but can come back to bite you if you don’t plan for recycled content elsewhere.  Depending on where the water table is, you may have no basement, or one floor, or even two, and there may be some interesting engineering to make everything warm and dry in your future home.

The Young Platinum Group will ensure that the construction team is looking out for your best interests.


Finally, wood and steel start to define the volumes that have been just paperwork until now!  2x4s become the skeleton of walls, joists start to define the ceilings and floors, and subfloors are placed.  Roofers give you shelter from the elements.  Windows and door frames are installed.  Sometimes walkthroughs at this stage reveal new opportunities or new problems.  Perhaps the view from the second story is better than expected, resulting in a rearrangement of rooms and closets.  Perhaps you trade off less space in one room for more in another. It’s still fairly flexible. 

Rough Trades
Electricians put can lights in the best spots for your lighting plan.  Plumbers run the water and vents and gas and sewage lines.  HVAC specialists get your heating and air-conditioning systems in place.  AV specialists run low voltage cable.  Cable runs and pipes start to fill up all the space inside your walls. These multiple circulatory systems jockey for position and the functional organs of your house come online.

Suddenly those bays you once walked thru get drywalled, insulated, soundproofed, mudded, sanded, primed, and painted.  Ceilings take shape. Domes or arches or innovative shapes begin to appear.  Trim surrounds your doors and windows.  Showers and bathtubs and closets start to feel the way they will. 

The Young Platinum Group regularly inspects your site and ensures the vision and quality are being upheld.

All the detailed designs and materials choices start to flow rapidly into their intended places.  Cabinet makers bring in kitchen islands, built-in shelving, and bathroom vanities.  Stonecutters place countertops.  Showers are sealed and clad in stone.  Tile is laid, inside and out.  Wood paneling and coffered ceilings and medicine cabinets materialize.  Painters finally bring color into what was until now wood and white and sawdust and powdered drywall.  Flooring is laid in.  Baseboards caress your walls and crown moulding kisses your ceilings. The surfaces are now in – all the parts you will touch and experience.  Your house finally feels clean. 

The Young Platinum Group solves problems for you as they appear, allowing the project to stay on time and budget.

Finishing Touches
All the electrical outlets and switches and AV ports get terminated.  Decorative lights and fans and thermostats and surveillance systems are attached.  TVs and AV equipment are mounted and racked.  Window treatments—blinds, curtains, shutters, or even more exotic options, are hung.  Plumbing fixtures are affixed.  Appliances are installed.  Door knobs and cabinet pulls are attached. Your house feels finished.

The Young Platinum Group oversees this and handle the inevitable overlooked piece of hardware or innovative new technology on your behalf.



"But it's sitting proudly on dry dirt"

Towards the end of construction of the house proper, a related process spins up outside the house.  Irrigation and drainage and low voltage lines are implemented around the property.  Hardscapes for driveways and walkways are laid in.  Fences or walls, fountains or statues, water features or sports courts…  it’s entirely up to you.  Finally, plants are brought in, lovingly placed in their new location, and your property becomes an integrated whole for your family and friends to experience.

The Young Platinum Group will plan, execute, and optionally maintain your grounds.



"I'm too busy for this"

Moving is non-trivial.  Perhaps you are moving your treasured possessions from across the world.  Or perhaps you are looking to start fresh with an entirely new lifestyle.  Furniture and interior design can bring this to life.  The rugs, pillows, art, and accessories all play a part in the mood you are looking to create.  

The Young Platinum Group with you every step of the way, as involved or absent as you prefer.



"I have a few special requests, but mostly I want predictability"

Throughout the process, we are your agents on the ground, holding weekly meetings with the construction crews and designers, walking the site, and resolving problems on your behalf.  

Building a house is a complex endeavor, and things change during the construction process that need a motivated and informed agent who will look out for your best interests.  Perhaps a regulation changes, requiring a change in design.  Perhaps a City inspector makes us alter our plan halfway through.  Perhaps a supplier goes out of business.  Perhaps a tradesman looses effectiveness and needs to be swapped out.  

All of these and more happen on a normal project, and the Young Platinum Group will bat down these problems so that you don’t have to.  You can be as involved as you desire to be, but you will always be looked out for.